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2010 Census Facts

Total Population 4,464 100%
Male 1,710 47.7%
Female 1,802 52.3%
Under 18 919 26.6%
18+ 2,593 73.4%
65+ 397 12.7%
Median Age 39.5
Average Family Size 2.70


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Summer 2010


Welcome to New Freedom!

New Freedom Borough is located in the southern portion of York County, Pennsylvania.  The Borough borders the famous Mason-Dixon line and was incorporated in 1873.  Originally named “Freedom” for the Free family, there was another town already in existence so New Freedom was chosen as the official name.

People of German, English, and Scotch-Irish descent settled the area.  The rich, fertile soil provided a comfortable living for farming and agricultural opportunities.

The railroad was a primary factor for early growth of the town.  The rail service established a vital means of commerce and transportation until Hurricane Agnes in 1972 destroyed much of the rail line and bridges in York County.

Located 30 miles North of Baltimore, Maryland and 38 miles South of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania the town is changing from an area of commerce and minor industry to a suburbanized community.

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The Borough does not have a contract for electronic recycling , we are too small.  You may take your items to:  York County Resource Recovery Center

Penn Twp offers drop off, days and times vary   Call 717 632-7366

Fairview Twp offers drop off, days and times vary     Call 717 901-5200

There is information in the outer lobby concerning these centers, they change quite often due to the PA statutes, and most contract recycle vendors do not contract long term due to these changing laws.