Refuse & Recycling

Penn Waste is the Borough's contract trash and recycling hauler.

Please contact them directly at 717-767-4456 with questions relating to service.

Limb Pickup

Click Here for Limb Guidelines.


Public Works

The Department of Public Works is comprised of a wastewater, water, maintenance and zoning division. Although all encompass separate duties and responsibilities, the four divisions work together as a comprehensive unit.

The Wastewater Department is responsible for the treatment and collection of all sanitary waste generated in the Borough. The treatment plant is located in Railroad Borough. It is solely operated by New Freedom Borough and treats sanitary waste generated by several municipalities.

The Water Department is responsible for the drinking water supplied to your home. The water is brought to the customers via a large underground network of pipes and three elevated storage tanks.

Maintenance & Roads is responsible for the upkeep and improvements to Borough property and facilities. Primarily this includes the roads and streets.

Zoning & Codes issues permits for building construction, driveway and street cuts, yard sales and sewer and water connections. After permits are issued follow-up inspections are performed to assure compliance with codes and ordinances. In addition we perform plan review (subdivision and land development) and all related inspections.

Dumping Notice

Dumping of debris (grass clippings, sod, rocks, etc.) on Borough owned properties (retention ponds, parks, etc.) is prohibited. Dumping makes uneven and sometimes unexpected changes in terrain. This puts the operator of our mowing equipment in a negative safety zone that could cause an unjust accident. Dumping is a crimes code violation and will be referred to the police.