Contact Info

45 E. High St.
New Freedom, Pa. 17349
Phone: 235-5744
Fax: 235-6933

Council Liaisons

G. Andrews
E. Paules

Snow Emergency Routes Map


The Maintenance Division

The Maintenance Division is responsible for the upkeep and improvements to Borough property and facilities. Primarily this includes the roads and streets. Winter maintenance includes snow removal by plowing and spreading anti skid. Street sweeping, minor repairs ( potholes, crack sealing) is also done by borough employees. Major repairs such as resurfacing, reconstruction and line painting are contracted out. In addition to road maintenance this division also mows all Borough properties, maintains storm sewers, catch basins and storm water management ponds. Other services include Christmas tree collection, curbside brush pickup and fall leaf collection.

Keith Dickmyer,  Superintendent/Water/Streets Jacob Smith, Operator/Laborer
Donald Bortner, Foreman Jesse Knepper, Operator/Laborer
Garry Ferree, Operator Josh Urey, Operator/Laborer

Students paint snowplows. See the article HERE.

How Do You Keep Your Driveway From Being Plowed In?

As you shovel or blow snow, you should also clear an area to the right of your driveway. This gives the plow a place to empty the snow from its blade before the plow arrives at your driveway.

The Borough only maintains and plows Borough roads, not private or state roads. Portions of Main Street, 2nd Street, Campbell Road, And Constitution Avenue are maintained by Penn Dot.  Also note that alleys are not “roads” by Penn Dot standards, but access routes, and are the last to be plowed.