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12 Main St. Railroad, Pa. 17355
Phone: 235-2386
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G. Andrews
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Plant Wisely



The Wastewater Division is responsible for the treatment and collection of all sanitary waste generated in the Borough. The treatment plant is located in Railroad Borough. It is solely operated by New Freedom Borough it treats sanitary waste generated by the residents of Railroad Borough, Shrewsbury Borough, Shrewsbury Township and Hopewell Township. The majority of the waste water flows to the plant per gravity piping, a substantial portion is lifted from low lying areas by the Borough’s four pumping stations. They are located on Orwig Road (2 locations), Hunt Run Drive, and Leader Road. The Waste Water Division is also responsible for all sewage inspections pursuant to Act 45 of the Pennsylvania State code.

Director of Wastewater Operations John Smith
Chief Operator Garth Green
Lead Operator Dave Tompkins
Lead Operator Dave Dickmyer
Operator Jason Martin
Operator Luke Sauder

Responsible Use The New Freedom Borough Code of Ordinances prohibit the discharge of the any substance or material which may cause damage or clogging of the collection system, upset of the operation of the treatment facility, or which pose health and safety threats to the public or to sewer workers.

These substances include, but are not limited to:

  • Automotive oils, anti freeze, brake or transmission fluids

  • Cooking fats, oils, and greases

  • Paint, stains, thinners, sealants, and other household solvents

  • Disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, tampons (including tampon applicators)

  • Fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and insecticides

  • Unused prescription and non-prescription drugs

  • Rainwater and storm water (foundation drains, sump pumps, roof drains, etc.)

  • Poisons, corrosive chemicals, and other hazardous wastes

  • Metal shavings, tar, plastics, wood, glass, hair, sand, cinders, ashes, and rags

  • Radioactive materials

  • Gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene or other volatile liquids

Any individuals who violates or fails to comply with the Borough Code of Ordinances could face fines up to $1000.00, up to thirty (30) days imprisonment, and suspension or termination of sewage treatment services.  Residents may email with questions or for more information on proper disposal methods.

Sewer Backup Claims Under the Pennsylvania Governmental Immunity Statue, New Freedom Borough has limited legal responsibility for sewer backups. Residents are encouraged contact their homeowners or commercial insurance agent to make sure you carry coverage for sewer backups under your homeowners or commercial property policy. Many property insurance policies do not include this coverage automatically. If this is the case in your policy, you may want to purchase this valuable coverage.

Keeping an Ear Out for Manhole Covers Manhole covers are the access points that allow New Freedom Borough’s Wastewater Treatment Plant crew to maintain the underground sewer system. These iron castings are about 2 feet in diameter, and are often found in the borough roadways. Although extremely durable, and designed to be placed in road ways, these covers or the metal frame they rest on, can on rare occasion crack. If a crack exists, the continuous stress of cars and trucks driving over the cover can eventually cause the cover to break, leaving a dangerous situation in the roadway. If a cover that you drive over on a regular basis begins to sound different of have a louder “thump” or “clang”, please contact the New Freedom Wastewater Plant employees at 235-2386 and let us know the street and location of the suspicious cover. The cover will be checked and any repairs or replacements will be completed. Again, it is very unlikely that a manhole cover would break, but it can happen. With your help, we can work together to maintain safe motoring throughout town.